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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Effects of Viral Video

 A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of (most often) Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email.

Now, I will explain about the impact of the viral videos. Many viral videos have common characteristics, and similar means of achieving the viral status. However, the effects of these videos differ from case to case, and it heavily depends on the type of video it is, and how the main subject of the video deals. There are good and also bad. It all depends on the viewers.

Entertainment :

The most obvious social impact of viral videos would be overnight celebrities. When you think about it, you can make your own video and upload it onto sites such as YouTube, keek, Facebook, and so forth.  Due to that factor, the Internet has become an ideal medium.

Video websites such as YouTube has created loads of Internet celebrities, people who become famous when their videos spread like a virus, eventually being viewed by millions. For these users, Internet fame has benefited their lives in truly unexpected ways . 

Viral Video has become a means of  bands and music promotion. Many independent musicians, as well as large companies such as Universal Music Group, use YouTube to promote videos and spread their work. 

As or tfhe personal viral people, only the ones with true talent will success. The most familiar and astounding example of this is Justin Bieber. Admittedly, he is talented. 

  Now, many pointless videos were being uploaded to the web. One of the earliest viral videos was, in 2005, the “Numa Numa” boy. He uploaded that embarrassing, goofy video of himself to the Internet, and an online forum for videos posted it. But he did not want the fame, and disappeared back into being just another guy in the real world. He became famous because the public made him famous.

Education and Tutorial:
 Viral videos continue to increase in popularity as teaching and instructive aids. In March 2007, an elementary school teacher, Jason Smith, created TeacherTube, a website for sharing educational videos with other teachers. The site now features over billion videos. Some college curricula are now using viral videos in the classroom as well. Northwestern University offers a course called "YouTubing 101". The course invites students to produce their own viral videos, focusing on marketing techniques and advertising strategies.

Viral videos have become quite useful for instructional aid.  One example would be the website called eVillage. eVillage have been crucial online training aids.  If you are a martial arts practitioner, you can use such videos to improve your skills.  In this respect, this would shape the way how future education could be changed.  


While viral videos can be good, they can be a dangerous double-edged sword.  Viral videos have been used for cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying is a very serious issue. Research on cyberbullying has found that students involved are more likely to be unwilling to attend school, Receive poor grades, Have lower self-esteem and Have more health problems. 

Nowadays, Internet access is easily obtained.  Almost anybody and everybody can access the Internet and upload whatever content by using smartphone. Thus,the potential for cyberbullying as a result of viral videos was widely discussed in the media.  

Thus, one would have to be careful about ones actions out in public.If you use viral videos to promote yourself and/or your cause, there will be tons of haters in the process.  Expect to get negative feedback. As we all can see. There’s dozens of the impacts of the viral video. So, what should we do?

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