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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

4 3 2 1...


This entry is specially dedicated to all my roommates or maybe ex-roommates . Nope ! uolls will be always my roommates hamisha and forever. Sedih wooo T__T

First time we enter our room, packing our stuffs , tidying up together and knowing each other . But in a blink of an eye . Its all gone now . Left me alone here . In such a huge room for one little lonely person. arghh !

Fatin Asma, even only a week we've been together. I'll never forget u since we're sharing the same name. Thank you for being a good bedmate, for teaching me Terengganu's dialek (^_^) Always woke me up early in the morning . And always give in for what i want and i didn't want. I'm glad to know u until u left us in saturday morning . For a reason that u felt uneasy staying here . Yeah, maybe u've made the right choice for ur future . Best of luck in UIAM there . Always pray for you, dear~

NurSyafiqah, my second roommate.
Kelantanese. Yeah, she is pure Kelantan. Still speak with her dialek even weolls didn't understand at all. Hahaa. And at last, she will translate it herself with babbling to us. Haihhh. How I miss u soo much. And the songs we always sang together while doing our 'shukudai'. C U di IPT, doushiteee. Sha, if u read this. Please sing this song immediately! Huhuuu. And the video we make together. U owe me that video okayy. Eant it ASAP. And ur habits which is 'kawad' in our room. Hahaaa. Still imagine it, shaaa. And now, she is studying in INTEC. In dentistry. As she deserved it perfectly with her interest. Do ur best there and Allah will do the rest :')

Last but not least, my new bestfrenn. Hanna Nadhirah. She is the first one calling me 'kecik' and at last it became 'chek' only. She is melakaian. Hahaa. And it was awesome for staying there for nights with uolls. Playing badminton with awish. Our friendship has kept on growing. And I will nthere for you till the end. U listened to my problems and dry my tears. You also never judge me. When I laughed like pontianak, did my ugly faces. Thanks for always remind me when I did wrongs, when I forgot. Appreciate it much! Do remember even distance become soooo far between us.

Love u guys to infinite and beyond.


Dr.Sya Gong Chan said...

i won tu kerai riding this.


reunite fil jannah :')

Cek Nad said...

Hehee. U found this. Segannyaa. Reunite fil jannah. Inshaa Allah

hanna nadhirah said...

cecek,,,,miss you more,, sayang kau,,,nak nangis siiaaaaa