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Friday, 14 June 2013

bye bye cycle !

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers !

do u guys know why the title sounds weird ? ehhe, actually it is from japanese drama, Nobuta wo produce. Have u guys heard this drama? for sure this drama is superb awesome. the most important thing is the hero is super duper cool. hehhe. memang cair la tengok. but, ade banyak lagi drama yang best . This drama is moderate for me. Biasa biasa ajee bak kata orang.

dalam cerita tu, si hero ni kalau nak keluar kelas, dia akan cakap 'bye-cycle' dengan penuh gayanya and gang2 dia akan sambut balik 'bye bye cycle'. haaa, cool kan ? ke tak ? . errr, nevermind. sila abaikan.

So, this entry is not about promoting japanese drama even i am learning japanese language now. but then, i still have to see the subs below. tak hebatlah .oppss! correction. BELUM hebat :p

now , i want to give my special and greatgreatgreat appreciations for my gorgeous class. My class name is Sakura means cherry blossom.

from left, Razin the glancer, Fakihin@aki the roti canai, Mehdi the troublemaker, Izzat the hikouki (airplane), Fahmi@bobo the innocent one, Faiz the genius, Taufiq the Mr. Cool Ever, Faizzuddin the rezouko (refrigerator), Mikaru-chan the cutest, and Sam the havoc.

For girls pulak, ade 4 orang, the one who wear blue baju kurung is Anis, our class translator, Nadhirah who  is wearing spectacles, Najiha, she was in this picture but menyorok kat belakang Anis tu, idk why?? and me the pinky girl that day :)

even baru 6 bulan kita semua bersama . There's a lot sweet memories with all of u.  Seriously, korang memang classmate yang best ever. Sporting, gila gila dan sekepala.

after this semester break, all of us will continue studying like we always do. but, in different classes. it's make me feel quiet sad after all.

hoping u guys will not forget me if u dont want to get my buku lima . hehehe :p jkjk

kalau before this nama class according to flowers, after this it will be the names of fruits pulak. wondering class apa lah yang i will get nanti, durian kah ? mango kah ? or ringo(apple) or perhaps ichigo(strawberry) ?

whatever it is. Study is the most important. Hoping with entering a new class nextweek will brighten our days more and more more .

Last but not least, Ganbatte kudasai for all sakura no gakusei (sakura's students).


QasehnyaRania said...

nama buah ke bunga ke itu tak penting.yg penting fokus ye :)

Nana Liena said...

hehe..buah peach la sayang..baru sedap..kena dengan kejepunan gitu..kita ska japanese drama more than korea..

Liza Razak said...

wahh..bestnye belajar bahasa jepun ! :)