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Thursday, 28 February 2013

[ my school ]

School means the place we learn something . 

It doesn't mean that we just have to learn subjects following the syllabus that have been made by Ministry of Education .

Biology , Chemistry , Physics , Additional Mathematics , Bahasa Melayu , and sooo on . not because i didn't want to list them but this entry gonna be pages if so . jk~
infact , i really want to make a long list about my studies and my teachers .

how much i miss them all . who 've been tought me to be a person . really appreciate it .

so now, to show my greaaat appreciation for them . i wanna you to know abou my schools that i've entered in my life . the schools that bring sunshine to me . schools that make me learn not about something but everythings . yaa . every single thing !

Tadika Kancil

this is my first school . I'm not really sure either i entered this kindergarden when i was 4 or 5 . haha . but , i remember something here . My friend's name Fatini cause she has a name like me . I don't know where she is now . Lost contact -.-  Ya, it's just a short time i'm there . Wearing yellow stripes skirt with my cute hairband made by my mom :)

Taski Abim

Quite islamic rite ? this kindergarden is placed just nearby my house . So, i just walking to go there in the morning . And because of that , i'm always walk with slloooowmotion . haha . And finally i late but nvm . I'm also pretend to be sick at home . Feeling dizzy (lazy actually) and blablablaa  . Yet, my mom know my tricks :p And the homeworkssss , mom always do that for me . Colouring , writing ... I'm pretty sure uolls must say i'm lazy person . The laziestt . haha *evil laugh*

Here, I get to know my friends . Ain , Iffah and Hakim . Know what ? We always played 'kahwin2' . Of course Hakim would be the groom cause he is the only boy . haha . bride ? I can't remember much :( Laugh and laugh . The moments we have together were soo happy .

But then , I quit . My mom said if I always play truant then no need to go to the kindergarden . I'm happy but a little bit upset because can't play with my friends there anymore . And I didn't get to go the graduation day :( 

SK Methodist

My first primary school in 2002 . Actually, a year before my mom had sent me to the school when i was only six . Apply to enter for Standard 1 . Then , i have to go for a day as a test . I make a friend . He sat beside me . We played the whole day using my stationary . When the school's ring rang . We quickly tidy up our places and ready to go back . He said to me that he wanted to play with my stationary again .

"Don't worry , we will and see you tomorrow yaa," I replied.

When i arrive at home . my mom told me that the approval have been rejected by the school . huaaa ! soo sad . tsk..tsk..... then i didn't get to meet him the next day

and i wasn't remember neither his face nor his name...

SK Taman Pantai Sepang Putra

This was a new school in 2003 . Thats why i moved there and it's placed nearer to my house than SK Methodist . And i've been there for almost 4 years .

I was appointed as a chief librarian when i was in standard six .
I also learned to deliver a speech and polish my talent as pemidato with Puan Rashidah's help.

My best friends here are ain, ain syafiqah, hanis roslan , siti a.k.a jihah , wan nur najwa, syafiqah syahirah, ainul hawa , hakim , qadir , alif ritzman and etc..

Special thanks to the teachers for teaching and guiding me until i get 5A's in UPSR
Pn. Rashidah, Sir Baridon, Pn. Noridah, Pn. Sukinah

SRA SG. Pelek

I entered this school since i was 7 in standard 1 . i went to this school every evening . I do love this school for the teachers and memories there .

I learned arabic language and start falling in love with it when i get full mark on that subject for the first time . It makes me want to know and learn more about the language . Thanks to ustazah Shamsidar and Ustazah Mahaya

Alhamdulillah , i achieved Mumtaz in PSRA .


Stiss stand for Salak Tinggi Islamic Secondary School . I stayed there in hostel since 2008 until 2010.
Of course this is the best school ever . even just for three years . live in this school make me feel the real hostel life especially with my lovey dovey friends , SJ .

The teachers here . Ustazah Mahfuzah , Teaceher Siti , Ustaz Yusmi, Ustaz Irwan ,  Sir Din . Thanks for still remember me as a student . Love uolls .

And for my Geography's teacher . I will not forget u . Do forgive my silly mistakes :'(
Alhamdulillah . i got 9A's in PMR .


Last but not least . At first , i didn't really want to enter this school . But , i have to . nvm . But then , it realise me there's always a good reason behind what Allah has determined for us . As for me , when i entered this school , for sure i've a lot a new friends .

This school bring me to know Allah more and more . Reflection here do touch my heart much . Nabila Nasha , a friend who lead me to the right path that i should follow long time ago . Nabilah and Nabihah also . This twins always supporting me in whatever i do . Guide and advice me when i do wrong . They are the real friends called 'sahabat dunia akhirat' .

And i took SPM exam here . wish me luck kayy for the results this March .

p:s/ images from google and some school's badge i didn't find it . sorry for the grammar mistakess :)


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